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24 Jan

Cirque Molier (1983)

Artist: Philippe Dumas Year: 1983, 1995, 2004, Sp 2005 Note: there are very good fakes of this design so caveat emptor! Copyright: you can recognize original issue by old style copyright as shown. Later issues have slightly different font for the HERMES-PARIS and modern copyright (which is elsewhere): Related posts: Circus (1983) La Danse (1961) […]

30 Dec

Flacons (1988)

Artist: Catherine Baschet Year: 1988, 1990s, 2001, 2003, 2006 2009 (as 70cm Vintage Silk) Screens: 39 Literature: Fall 1988 scarfbook (not shown) From the 1988 “How to Wear”. Click thumbnail. Note: The subtitle “Qu’importe le flacon” is from a poem by Alfred de Musset who pined away for George Sand (the pseudonym of a famous […]

28 Dec

Trois Mousquetaires (1980)

Related posts: Trois Mousquetaires & LEDOUX Les Amazones (Promotion) La Promenade de Longchamps (1965) Sportsmen (1973) Scherazade

25 Dec

Chasse en Inde (1986)

Translated: “Hunting in India” Artist: Michel Duchene Year: Spring 1986, 1990, 1999, Fall 2008, Fall 2013 Ref no: 1747 Literature: from 1986 scarfbook From 1986 “How to Wear your Hermes Scarf”. Click thumbnail.   Also seen in 1998 “Having Fun with your Hermes Carre” (not shown) From Designed in 1985 for the Year of […]

23 Dec

Jardin Enchante (1986)

Artist: Ljubomir Milinkow (Yugoslavian) Year: Sp 1986 2003 (Special issue for the 150th anniversary of Central Park) Literature: from the 1986 scarfbook Special Edition: Central Park (one of two available colorways): Related posts: Chasse en Inde (1986) India (1986) Kimonos et Inros (1986) Sauvagine en Vol (1986) Un Jardin Sur Le Toit (2011)

23 Dec

En Course (1989)

Artist: Yannick Manier Year: Spring 1989 Screens: 36 Literature: from 1989 scarfbook Note: Yannick Manier was a very prolific and well known marine artist. This scarf is one of three designs produced by this artist for Hermes. Related posts: Coiffes Normandes (1989) 1789 Feux de Route (1971) India (1986) Puzzle II (2000)