27 Dec

Les Amazones (Promotion)


Artists: Philippe LeDoux & Vladimir Rybaltchenko

Year: 1970s, 1980

Carre in promotion for Amazone fragrance.

Hermes also produced a gavroche designed by Hilton McConnico when Amazone was introduced in 1974.

Amazone is the French term for a side-saddle horseback rider, generally women.Check out Amazones (1968 ) by Faconnet and Les Amazones (1976) by Philippe Dumas for other Hermes carres with this motif.

This carre is one of three that was started by LeDoux and finished by his nephew, Vladimir Rybaltchenko who signs his work as “RYBAL” versus his son, Dimitri, who signs his work “Dimitri R”. The other two are Trois Mousquetaires (1980) & Marine a Rames (1978).


Advertising: 1980 Ad





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