31 Dec

La Cle des Champs (1965)



Translated: “The key to the countryside”

Artist: Francoise Faconnet

Year: 1965, 1970s, 1984, 1990, 1995

Literature: 1995 scarfbook cle

From the 1984 Monde: (dead link)

Note: Original issue has no copyright and a scroll jacquard. Later issues may be in 1) plain silk twill or a 2) fireworks jacquard or 3) scroll jacquard.

Original scroll jacquard: (dead link)

Copyright and caretag from the early 80s (no jacquard): (dead link)

Scroll jacquard, Copyright and caretag from 1984?: (dead link)

Fireworks jacquard, copyright, caretag from 1990: (dead link)

Ref. 1412 

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  1. Wilson freeman Says:

    I have the original Hermes Cle des champs in baby blue, lemon and cream in good condition. I want to sell it, is it worth more as it is the original with no copyright etc. Can anyone give me an idea as to it’s rough value? Thanks

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