21 Dec

Les Fleurs Animees


Artist: ?

Year: 1950s?

Note: In the centre of the scarf is the Queen of Flowers, Rosa, and she is surrounded by tableaux of thirteen different flowers: Camelia, Pois de Senteur, Eglantine, Belle de Nuit, Chevre Feuille, Capucine, Dahlia, etc.

11/07 Sold to Capitan Harlock (Paolo) for US $431.00 on eBay.


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  1. Lorna Says:

    You are a delight to discover……thank you. I have a very old Fluers Animees scarf and that is how I’ve discovered you. i have many other vintage and current scarfs as I love them but often can find no information on them…………and now I have found you. Your work is priceless……………..Lorna


    Hi Lorna,

    Thanks for visiting my site. Sounds like you have a real treasure! Congrats!


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