12 Jan

Trois Mousquetaires & LEDOUX

Toward the end of his life, LeDoux worked on the Trois Mousquetaires carre for Hermes. trois3.jpgThirty years earlier, he illustrated Alexandre Dumas’s classic tale in a handsome three volume set. One has just showed up on eBay and the seller has graciously provided many pictures too. Price is 140 Euros.

trois1.jpgI dont have the Hermes carre in front of me but on a quick look, I dont see any coinciding scenes with the carre. I think I prefer the scenes in the Hermes carre because they are more action-oriented and more dynamic. trois4.jpgIf a reader would like to do a side-by-side comparison of the 1948 volume & the carre and provide pictures to share, it would be greatly appreciated. Credit will be given, of course.

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