24 Jun

Tout en Quilt (2008)

Designer: Cathy Latham

Year: Fall 2008

From hermes.com:
At first glance, the scarf Tout En Quilt gives the impression that several small paintings have been cut up into small squares and shuffled at random to make a large geometric puzzle. All these squares, assembled in a patchwork, are reproductions of Indian miniatures from the 17th and 18th centuries representing flora decorations, landscapes, the four elements, the sun and the moon.

Examine each little piece separately, admire the rich ornamentation, discover a thousand delicate details or look at the entire piece as a whole… A large, abstract vibration. In contrast, a single, very structured H stands out against the medley. In the middle of the scarf, at the very center of the H, lies a scene characteristic of Indian miniatures: two riders on their horses.

Ref. 002439, Colorway 3

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