30 Aug

Special Edition Carres at Hermes Luxembourg

A little birdy told me that three special edition carres that were only available at the Luxembourg Hermes can still be purchased. Don’t believe any eBay sellers if they say that these are sold out. They are

1. Perspective, an old design by the famous 20th Century graphic artist A.M. Cassandre, reissued to celebrate Luxembourg as the European Capital of Culture in 1995 as shown:

2. La Danse in a new colorway to celebrate Luxembourg as European Capital of Culture in 2007

3. Plumes to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Hermes in Luxembourg in 2008:

To purchase any of the above, contact:

13, rue Philippe II
T : +352 22 09 81

(I am not affliated in any way with Luxembourg Hermes)

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