26 Oct

Puzzle II (2000)

Artist: Joachim Metz

Year: Spring 2000, Fall 2009

Screens: 13

Literature: 2000 scarfbook
“Immutability is reassuring, true, but at the same time so annoying! Hence the joy of sticking mustaches on the Mona Lisa. The civilized soul is bursting with sacrilegious impulses. Keeping a sense of proportion- for this is not quite scared defilement- there is a real pleasure in seeing a famous insignia turned inside out. Today it’s the turn of Hermes’ “Duke and Carriage” to be the willing victim.It has been iconoclastically taken apart, under the tutelage of the Rosenkavalier. “

Fall 2009 Carres Stories:

seton sez: This carre dissects the opera Der Rosenkavalier (The Knight of the Rose) by Richard Strauss as well as Hermes’ own emblem of ‘Duke and Carriage’ It was used for the cover of the Spring 2000 scarfbook to issue the new Hermes sensibility: modern, simpler, and with a smaller number of screens (13!). I don’t remember it being very popular when it first came out so am surprised that it has been re-issued in 2009.

Note: do not confuse with Puzzle (1971) which is a different carre altogether (click thumbnail)

Editorial from 2000 Harper’s Bazaar (US):

Ref. No. xx2062xx

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