03 Dec

Kimonos et Inros (1986)


Artist: Annie Faivre

Year: Spring 1986, 1998

Literature: from 1986 scarfbook



140cm cashmere shawl has extra elements around the border:  kimonos-gm

Note: there is no monkey on this scarf

Some colorways:

  • Red
  • Black
  • Rust
  • Dark Blue kimonos-darkblue

Photos: eBay, temo

2 Responses to “Kimonos et Inros (1986)”

  1. Marina Says:

    Dear Seton,
    I have a question for you… Was this scarf reissued and of so, when?
    I have it in a cw very close to the one, shown in booklet, but more of a kelly green with yellow details on kimono instead of white. Any idea of its year of issue?

  2. seton Says:

    I gave the year of reissue = 1998

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