30 Jan

Ors Nomades (2009)

Designer: Annie Faivre

Year: Fall 2009

From Carre Stories:
Between the seventh and the third centuries B.C., the Scythians furrowed the Eurasian Steppes, from Ukraine to the Altai, passing by Kazakhstan. The carre is inspired by the artistic language which they acquired and then disseminated as they wandered. The stylized patterns refer to horses or hunted animals: panthers, wolves and gazelles. They adorn twisted necklaces, gold plaques for nailing to the uprights of saddles, bits or reins. In the center, wearing ram or antelope horns or deer antlers, the horses, helmeted in gold and transformed into legendary animals, bear witness to a powerful and creative artistry.

Ref: 002279S, 9 colorways

Note: see my page on Les Cavaliers d’Or for a similar carre on the same subject.

Shown: 04colorway

Monkey: Ors Nomads1

Pic Credit: hermes.com, TPF

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