14 Mar

L’Art Indien des plaines (2004)


Artist: Sophie Koechlin (NOT the same as Sophie de Seynes)

Year: Fall 2004, Fall 2011

Translated: the art of the Plains Indians

From Hermes:

The Hopi and Navajo Indians adopted a geometry for their finery whose patterns soon entranced a number of other Indians of the plains. Glass beads, smooth and sparkling, sewed by the Europeans across the New World and beads of wood, bone and shell, decorate these abstract compositions befitting our images of wild vast spaces, sun dances, tipi circles and wild rides. The decorations featured on this scarf were as much designed for men as for horses, those “big dogs” that shared their burdens and their rites, adorned like their masters for feasts and gatherings with beaded embroideries.

Ref no: 2197

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