28 Jul

Couvertures et Tenues de Jour (1962)


Artist: Jacques Eudel

Year: 1962, 1974, 1981, 1987, 2000


Subject: horse blankets and outfits for the day

Ref no: 1356

From seton: I didn’t plan on writing an entry on CETDJ but it has come to my attention that everyone seems to be under the impression that it was introduced in 1974 just because certain databases say so.
Nobody bothered to ask how ALL of Eudel’s other scarf designs are ALL from the early 1960s, yet this one is suppose to be a decade later??
What to believe? Well, since you are here reading this, you’re suppose to believe ME, but let’s looks at the facts, shall we?

CETDJ’s ref. no. is 1356. Anyone who has bought one of the many, many forms of CETDJ know this, whether it be twilly or GM.
Right now, Propos de Bottes (1962) is available on Hermes.com as a gavroche. You can see that Propos de Bottes‘s ref no is 1371. That means that Propos de Bottes and CETDJ are basically from the same year since Hermes produce about 20 new designs a year.
Now . . . . check the ref number of scarf designs that are actually from 1974 like Camails (ref no 1595) and Eperon d’Or (ref no 1599). You can find Camails currently on Hermes.com to check.
The difference between CETDJ’s ref no 1356 and Camail’s ref no 1595 is 239. That is almost exactly 12 years worth of scarf designs. Thus CETDJ can NOT be from 1974. It is from 1962. It’s elementary, my dear Watson.


Special Editions: 1976 – World Equestrian Games, Aachen (not shown), Denver Hermes in 2009 (not shown)

George V (notice the initials of George V in the middle) SONY DSC

Queen Elizabeth II in 1988:57003487

Enamel: hermes-tenues-et-couvertures-2-product-1-3337484-526921222_large_flex

Special Barenia Kelly: 2-11649-205080--hermes-amazone-kelly-in-barenia-and-toile-28-cm----a754e69d

Furniture fabric introduced in 2011: 211038_M01.proportional_1000x1000_q90211038_M03.proportional_1000x1000_q90


Twilly from Fall 2009: couvertures twilly tagtwilly ct

Twilly from Fall 2010: 7411

Catalog and Editorials: couverturescou2010Rita_-Hermés_scarvescouvertures 2010bookletcouverturejaime


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  1. CW Says:

    Such an amazing, informative site! Thank you!

    Curious whether there’s ever been a Couvertures mousseline. I have this pattern in the GM cashmere and love it– a lighter version would be terrific.

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