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23 Jul

The Evolution of Care Tags

(This is a work in progress that I will be updating periodically. I do have some tags from the 1950s. I just have to find them. I also see that in transferring data from my former site, some pics now appears as links instead. Sorry for the inconvenience.)   1938? Zodiaque 1959 Harnais de Ceremonie […]

15 Jul

List of Jacquard Carres

Amours – bees (special edition exists with a kite jacquard) Carneval de Venise – mandolin/lutes Chats (special edition only) Christophe Colomb – sailing ship (not all editions) Ciels Byzantins – peacocks La Cle de Champs – scrollwork or fireworks or none Comedie Italienne – mandolin/lutes Les Coqs (not all) Cosmos – stars (only in 1999 […]

01 Dec

French Elle article (2007)

This article is translated from the French. The carre in the woman’s hand in the photo is Washington’s Carriage by Cathy Latham. I would just die if I was in a room like that! — seton Nothing pure silk, anything for one… Seventy years already that the square Hermès hangs on to the neck of […]