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07 Sep

Grotte di Lascaux (1954)

Artist: Hugo Grygkar Year: 1954 Suggestion: Check out Premieres Mains (2002) by Zoe Pauwels for another Hermes carre dealing with cave painting. From 1954 catalog: Text from the carre owner: “While exploring one long ago September day nearly 70 years ago in 1940, four French teenagers discovered a cave in southwestern France, that was to […]

24 May

Singes (1939)

Artist: Jacques Naim Year: 1939 Ref no: 1010 Note: only carre by this artist Photo: HSCI Related posts: Neige (1957) Ville de Paris (1943)

24 Mar

H Comme Hermes (2000)

Artist: Zoe Pauwels Year: 2000 Ref no: 2074 Notes from seton: supposedly this was designed in the 1980s but was not printed until much later. Very similar to the artist’s Aube (2002). Very rare and obscure so this was the only picture I could find of it. Related posts: Hermes’ Themes Year by Year Dead […]

04 Mar

Les Baudriers

Artist: Caty Latham Year: unknown Subject: baldrick (plural baldricks) A broad belt, sometimes richly ornamented, worn over one shoulder, across the breast, and under the opposite arm; less properly, any belt. Ref no: 2186 Related posts: India (1986) Feux de Route (1971) Carnets de Bal (2007)

24 Feb

Soldats De Plomb (1946)

Artist: Hugo Grygkar Year: 1946 Ref no: 1070 Related posts: La Flotte (1946) Ex Libris (1946) Neige (1957) Ville de Paris (1943) Plaques a Sabler (1948)

24 Jan

Neige (1957)

Artist: Hugo Grygkar Year: 1957 Ref no: 1168 Photo: Luxury Scarves Note from seton: 1957 is the date I got from Hermes altho the design looks like older Grygkar to me in terms of rendering and composition. Just wanted to mention that. Related posts: Brides de Gala (1957) Provence/Provincia (1956) Soldats De Plomb (1946) Ville […]