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17 Nov

24 Heures de Mans (1963)

“The 24 hours of Le Mans” Designer: Henri d’Origny Year: 1963, 1999 Untitled limited edition carre. I was told that it was to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the famous race. Part of the image are real photographs. Related posts: Astrologie (1963) Filets de Selle (1955) Eperon d’Or (1974) Special Edition Carres at Hermes Luxembourg […]

16 Nov

Promenade Au Pays de Cezanne (2006)

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24 Sep

Perspective (1951)

Artist: A.M. Cassandre Year: 1951, 1968?, 1975, Fall 1991 Also avail. in 45cm Gavroche (various years) and 70cm Vintage (Fall 2008) Screens: 15 Literature: Autumn 1991 scarfbook (not shown) Special editions: 1976 – ALLIANCE BETWEEN USA AND FRANCE (not shown) 1995 Luxembourg 2009: Ad Campaign from Fall 2008: From Fall 2008 Knotting Cards: Ref no: […]

03 Sep

Hommage au Carré (2008)

Colorway: “Silver Dawn” Related posts: Carre en Carres (2008) Carre Kantha (2008) A Cheval sur mon Carre (2006) Coupons Indiens (2008) Beloved India (2008)

30 Aug

Special Edition Carres at Hermes Luxembourg

A little birdy told me that three special edition carres that were only available at the Luxembourg Hermes can still be purchased. Don’t believe any eBay sellers if they say that these are sold out. They are Related posts: La Danse (1961) Hermes Ad Campaigns with Carres Perspective (1951) List of Jacquard Carres

24 Jan

Cirque Molier (1983)

Artist: Philippe Dumas Year: 1983, 1995, 2004, Sp 2005 Note: there are very good fakes of this design so caveat emptor! Copyright: you can recognize original issue by old style copyright as shown. Later issues have slightly different font for the HERMES-PARIS and modern copyright (which is elsewhere): Related posts: Circus (1983) La Danse (1961) […]