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07 Jun

“Monarch” (1974)

Designer: Xavier de Poret Year: 1974, 1979? Queen Elizabeth II wearing Monarch in 1978: Related posts: Eperon d’Or (1974) Camails (1974) Amazone (1974) Profile (1974) Rhyton by Karin Swildens

13 Jan

A Cheval sur mon Carre (2006)

Designer : Bali BARRET Year : Fall 2006, Sp 2012 Cash Silk 140cm in 2007 and 2012 From “Is this a horse decorated with scarves, a figure in a cubist painting, or is the animal clad in a full coat of armor? In fact, the A Cheval Sur Mon CarrĂ© scarf is a composite […]

19 Feb

Eperon d’Or (1974)

  Designer: Henri d’Origny Year: 1974 Also in 1986, 1990, 1997, 2003, Fall 2010 Ref. no: 1599 About 63 colorways so far. 2010 issues will be easy to recognize because of the color-blocking. From 1976 Hermes catalogue: From 1986 How to Wear: From 2010 Carre Stories:   From Jaime Mon Carre: Pic of Copyright in […]

02 Feb

Soiree de Gala (1950)

  Designer: Jean-Louis Clerc Year: 1950, 1980, 1990, 2006, Fall 2010 From Fall 2010 Carre Stories:         Ref: 001325S, 27 colorways Special Editions: 50th anniversary of the Dallas Opera in 3 colorways (orange, pink, mint green) in 2007           Note: originally referred to as “Soiree a l’Opera”. Became […]

21 Sep

The Royal Mews (1993)

Designer: Colonel Jean de Fougerolle Year: 1993 (UK only), Spring 1994 Scan from the 1994 scarfbook (click to enlarge): Scan of UK Hermes literature: Queen Elizabeth II wearing the Royal Mews scarf she was presented with by Hermes in 1994: For sale: I have a Royal Mews in beige-tabac colorway, mint condition. Asking US $399. […]

04 Sep

Brides de Gala (1957)

Translated: “Gala bridles” Artist: Hugo Grygkar Year: 1957. It’s reissued CONSTANTLY. Screens: 13 Related posts: Neige (1957) Soiree de Gala (1950) Provence/Provincia (1956) Astrologie (1963) Hermes’ Themes Year by Year