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31 Dec

Chevreuil (Mountain Goats) by Poret

Artist: Xavier de Poret Year: ? Like most of Poret designs, it is untitled. Related posts: Persian Cats by Poret Pekinois by Poret Les Poulains (1960) Teckels (Dachshunds) Biches (1958)

17 Dec

Les Levriers

Artist: Xavier de Poret Year: 1958? Reissue: 2002, 2003 (90cm Mous) Pictured: 90cm Mouselline from 2003 Colorways: Etoupe (2002) Dark Blue/Red (shown above) Mauve/Lavender (2002) Black/Gray Blue/Gray Red/Gray Light Pink Pink/Pink Related posts: Biches (1958) La Danse (1961) Les Poulains (1960) Chevreuil (Mountain Goats) by Poret Cadre Noir (1958)