12 Apr

Etriers (1964)



Designer: Francoise de la Perriere

Year: 1964, 1970s, 1980s, 1990, 1997, 1999, Fall 2002, Sp 2009
2010 as cash/silk GM, 2014 as 70cm

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09 Jan

Au Coeur de la Vie (2007)


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07 Jan

Carre en Carres (2008)

Designer: previously no attribution, now Bali Barret

Year: Fall 2008
Also came in 140 C/S GM (Sp 2009), C/S etole (Fall 2009) and pointu (Sp 2009) and dipdye (Sp 2014).

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15 Sep

Astrologie (1963)


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10 Sep

Fleurs et Papillions de Tissus (2013)

Fleurs 90 cw14

Artist: Christine Henry

Year: Fall 2013
Also avail in cash/silk 140cm

Ref no: 2786

From 2013 booklet: The French capital of silk since the 16th century, three centuries after Lyon inaugurated a museum dedicated to textiles. Its collections stretch from the West to the East and down the centuries: Coptic tapestries, rugs from Asia Minor, Byzantine fabrics, Sicilian and Lyonnais creations… In this collection as lustrous as it is remarkable, Christine Henry selected the delicate textile patterns that here embellish the wings on this cloud of butterflies.

More: papillons story

07 Sep

Grotte di Lascaux (1954)


Artist: Hugo Grygkar

Year: 1954

Suggestion: Check out Premieres Mains (2002) by Zoe Pauwels for another Hermes carre dealing with cave painting.

From 1954 catalog: catalog1954

Text from the carre owner:

“While exploring one long ago September day nearly 70 years ago in 1940,
four French teenagers discovered a cave in southwestern France,
that was to become one of the most renowned archaeological discoveries of the 20th Century.

The boys found a complex of caves, with 17,000 year-old! paintings on stone walls,
which are believed to be one of mans earliest known written works.

In the late 1940′s after the end of WWII, the caves were opened to the public,
but due to deterioration caused by excess carbon dioxide from thousands of visitors,
they were closed again in April of 1963.

I believe this vintage scarf depicts what is known as the Great Hall of Bulls.”

Beige CW (click thumbnail):



Green (click thumbnail):


Photos: coco-nut, eBay