26 Dec

Crown (1969)



Artist: Julia Abadie

Year: 1969, plus reissues


Ref no: 1494

Reference: Jackie O. wearing her Crown scarf in 1994. Click on thumbnail.


Note: Untitled on the scarf but commonly referred to as “Crown”. Depicts French style crowns.

Original 1969 issue shows copyright symbol above HERMES-PARIS



3 Responses to “Crown (1969)”

  1. Julia Abadie Says:

    Are any of artist Julia Abadie’s scarves available for purchase? I have always worn Hermes, & was thrilled to see that an Hermes artist & I share the same name.

  2. Nina Allison Says:

    I have an Hermes Cieles Byzantins by Julia Abadie. Does her signature appear on all of her Hermes scarves and do you know if she is related to the famous architect Paul Abadie ?

  3. Anita Starke Says:

    Hi, is it possible to buy this scarf from you?
    Thanks for an answer.
    Kind regards
    Anita Starke from Germany

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