07 May

La Reale (1953)


Artist: Hugo Grygkar

Year: 1953, 1970s, 1980s, 1992, 2007, Sp 2014

No. 1191

Subject: View of ship’s hull from the deck of Louis XIV’s ship La Reale (The Royal)

Note: often referred to by the letters on the carre “Vue de Carrosse”

Hermes.com: Among the major works on show at the Musée Nationale de la Marine, in Paris, is this sumptuous, carved transom stern dating from the 17th century. The ship in question is the Réale, from the royal fleet of Louis XIV. This remarkable warship, noted for its elegant lines and rich ornamental carvings, was sailed by an exceptionally large crew. Reserved for the admiral of the fleet, she sailed until the beginning of the 18th century. Her carvings – the source of Hugo Grygkar’s inspiration – featured sea gods blowing into conch shells (near the water line), figures of  Fame blowing their trumpets to the  glory of the King, and other reliefs. They are generally thought to be the work of Pierre  Puget, a renowned French artist from the city of Marseille, who spent several years in Florence, and later Rome, learning and perfecting the art of sculpture. In the 19th century, his forceful style earned him the title ‘the French Michelangelo’.

References: Diane Keaton wearing Colorway #37 in Mad Money (2007)


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