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28 May

Promenades de Paris (1962)

Design by Philippe Ledoux Year: 1962, 1970s, 2014 (as 70cm) No. 1350 Centred on the heraldic arms of the City of Paris, a charming mise en scène captures images of everyday life in the French capital during the First Empire: promenades, bygone trades and children at play. Soldiers and onlookers throng the kiosks, fashionable cafés […]

09 May

Jockey (1974)

Design by Philippe Ledoux Year: 1974, 1986 (Sp. Ed.), 2013 (as 70cm and twilly) No. 1592 Riding high on the racehorses of the world, the jockey’s traditional attire has been transformed and simplified since the nineteenth century. Heavy riding coats were replaced by lightweight, brightly coloured ‘silks’, boots replaced buckled slippers, and black riding hats […]

30 Apr

Cosmos (1966)

  Artist: Philippe LeDoux Year: 1966, 1991, 1999 Ref. 1426 Note: 1999 version has a stars jacquard and does NOT have the large ring in the middle like the previous versions. From the 1966 catalogue: From 1991 booklet: From 1999 booklet: From 1992: Also in 1998 Having Fun with your Hermes Scarf (not shown. Special […]

30 Jan

Sportsmen (1973)

Artist: Philippe LeDoux Related posts: Jumping (1971) Armeria (1966) Trois Mousquetaires (1980) Les Amazones (Promotion) La Promenade de Longchamps (1965)

23 Jan

Jumping (1971)

Artist: Philippe LeDoux Year: 1971 plus reissues including Spring 2003 Special edition: Le Touquet in 1982. Click thumbnail. Also, Mannheim Horse Show in 1997 (not shown) Ad from 1980: Original copyright for carres from 1971-1986: Caretag from 1971: 1970s/early 1980s label. It is missing a smaller secondary tag: Colors: Pink/Cream Lavender Gray Teal Royal Blue […]

20 Jan

La Promenade de Longchamps (1965)

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