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07 Oct

Les Cles (1965)

Artist: Cathy Latham Year: 1965, 1970s, 1985, 1994, 1999, 2002, 2006, Fall 2008 plus many more reintroductions. 2007 (as a twilly),2010 as 140cm DD,  2015 as 140cm silk From 1985 “How to Tie” Related posts: Les Voitures à Transformation (1965) La Cle des Champs (1965) La Promenade de Longchamps (1965) Caty / Cathy Latham Les […]

08 May

Caty / Cathy Latham

Also known as Cathy Latham-Audibert. Her output at Hermes covers over 45 incredible years. Best known for designing Cles (one of the Top 10 best-selling Hermes scarves of all time) and her self-referential designs. Her first two designs have no signature (Cles and Vendanges). Afterwards, she signed her designs as  “.Caty.” for a decade before […]

04 Mar

Les Baudriers

Artist: Caty Latham Year: unknown Subject: baldrick (plural baldricks) A broad belt, sometimes richly ornamented, worn over one shoulder, across the breast, and under the opposite arm; less properly, any belt. Ref no: 2186 Related posts: India (1986) Feux de Route (1971) Carnets de Bal (2007)

26 Aug

Carnets de Bal (2007)

Ref. 002381, Colorway 3 Related posts: Carre Kantha (2008) India (1986) French Elle article (2007) Albums de Colportage (2007) Les Cles (1965)

25 Jul

India (1986)

Artist: Cathy Latham Related posts: Chasse en Inde (1986) Feux de Route (1971) Les Cles (1965) Jardin Enchante (1986) Kimonos et Inros (1986)

24 Jun

Tout en Quilt (2008)

Designer: Cathy Latham Year: Fall 2008 From At first glance, the scarf Tout En Quilt gives the impression that several small paintings have been cut up into small squares and shuffled at random to make a large geometric puzzle. All these squares, assembled in a patchwork, are reproductions of Indian miniatures from the 17th […]