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07 May

La Reale (1953)

Artist: Hugo Grygkar Year: 1953, 1970s, 1980s, 1992, 2007, Sp 2014 No. 1191 Subject: View of ship’s hull from the deck of Louis XIV’s ship La Reale (The Royal) Note: often referred to by the letters on the carre “Vue de Carrosse” Among the major works on show at the Musée Nationale de la […]

07 Sep

Grotte di Lascaux (1954)

Artist: Hugo Grygkar Year: 1954 Suggestion: Check out Premieres Mains (2002) by Zoe Pauwels for another Hermes carre dealing with cave painting. From 1954 catalog: Text from the carre owner: “While exploring one long ago September day nearly 70 years ago in 1940, four French teenagers discovered a cave in southwestern France, that was to […]

24 Feb

La Flotte (1946)

Artist: Hugo Grygkar Year: 1946 Subject: shipwrecks Ref no: 1056 Details:   Related posts: Soldats De Plomb (1946) Ex Libris (1946) Neige (1957) Plaques a Sabler (1948) Ville de Paris (1943)

24 Feb

Soldats De Plomb (1946)

Artist: Hugo Grygkar Year: 1946 Ref no: 1070 Related posts: La Flotte (1946) Ex Libris (1946) Neige (1957) Ville de Paris (1943) Plaques a Sabler (1948)

24 Jan

Neige (1957)

Artist: Hugo Grygkar Year: 1957 Ref no: 1168 Photo: Luxury Scarves Note from seton: 1957 is the date I got from Hermes altho the design looks like older Grygkar to me in terms of rendering and composition. Just wanted to mention that. Related posts: Brides de Gala (1957) Provence/Provincia (1956) Soldats De Plomb (1946) Ville […]

02 Jan

Provence/Provincia (1956)

  Artist: Hugo Grygkar Year: 1956, 1991 Subject: the French province of Provence/Provincia Literature: 1991 scarfbook (not shown) From 1957 Hermes catalogue: Note: Chaine D’Ancre border Below: Provincia version. As you can see, the design is the same. Only the title is different. Photos: eBay Related posts: Les Bles (1956) Paris Modistel/ Paris Modiste (1956) […]