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Fantaisies Indiennes (1985)


Artist: Loic Dubigeon

Year: 1985, 1992, 1997 (140cm Cash & Mous), 2003 (140cm Mous), 2008 (140cm Mous), 2008, Fall 2014 (CSPM), Sp 2016 (as 140cm silk plume)

Screens: 34

Note: You can see Rakesh Sharma, Indian cosmonaut in the border. In the 2008 editions, his name has been removed.

From hermes.com:

2016 version – In the centre of this carré, an exuberant Tree of Life extends its branches laden with sumptuous blossoms and fruit, drawn with great delicacy. A symbol of the life force and eternal rebirth in many world religions, the tree is framed here by a lively frieze of people and animals, inspired by the frescos and wall paintings of Shekharvati in north-western Rajasthan, in India, where their distinctive, naïf style decorates the homes of wealthy Marwari merchants. Loïc Dubigeon’s design presents mythological scenes such as the legend of Dhola Maru (named for its two heroes – lovers who elope riding a camel), together with richly caparisoned elephants, and the British colonialists’ preferred modes of transport: the bicycle, motor-car and train.

Original 1985 edition will have copyright after “HERMES – PARIS”.


References: from 1992 “Love Letters in Silk”. [pic expired]

From 1994 “How to Wear . . ”



Kate Walsh wearing FI Mous Shawl (2008 colorway): [pic expired]


Ref No. 1744 Colors:

  • Rouge Vif/Black/Turquoise (1985 CW)
  • Vert Fonce/Navy (1992)
  • Navy/White/Violet
  • Rose/Teal
  • Gray/Noisette
  • Orange/Anthracite

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    Beautiful scarf! Excellent blog, so glad I found it!

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    Truly stunning; one of my all-time favorites! Thanks!

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