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15 May

Festival / Festival des Amazones (1992)

Design by Henri d’Origny Year: 1992, F2013 (as Festival des Amazones) No. 1797 Catherine de Medici is widely credited with the invention of a new form of saddle, allowing ladies to ride sidesaddle in comfort, galloping alongside their male companions. Shapes and styles evolved down to the twentieth century, when women riders asserted their […]

24 Aug

Cave Felem (1998)

Artist: Christine Henry Year: 1998 From 1998 booklet: Also in 1998 hardcover knotting book (not shown) Related posts: Sous Le Cedre (1998) Le Cameleon Peinture (1998) Au Coeur des Bois (1998) Persian Cats by Poret Brise de Charme (1990)

12 Apr

Le Cameleon Peinture (1998)

Designer: Christine Henry Year: 1998 Note: Part of the “Histoire Sur Soie” series. A series of  whimsical gavroches marketed toward mother and child. They were packed in specially designed boxes in the shape of a book with specially designed light colored ribbon to tie. The price point was about 25% more than the regular gavroches. […]

14 Feb

Alphabet III (1990)

Artist: Annie Faivre Year: 1990, Sp 1999 (as finesse), 2004 (as a twilly) Also avail as cash/silk 90cm PM Note: there is no monkey on this scarf Literature: 1990 scarf booklet (not shown) Twilly: From eBay. Enamel Bracelet Related posts: Ashanti (1997) Cosmos (1966) Kimonos et Inros (1986) La Vie au Grand Air (1990) Charreada […]

01 Jan

Ashanti (1997)

Artist: Annie Faivre Year: 1997 (Hermes’ Year of Africa), 2002 (Cash 140cm) Subject: Ashanti is the name of a tribe in Ghana Literature: Seen in 1997 Monde d’Hermes Note: Only available in Finesse 90cm, Mous 140cm, and Cash/Silk 140cm Faivre’s Monkey: Picture credit: Luxury Scarves, ATHI Related posts: Alphabet III (1990) Fantaisies Indiennes (1985) Neige […]

08 Aug

Les Beaux Jours des Bonsai (1991)

Designer: Catherine Baschet Year: Fall 1991 Related posts: Flacons (1988)