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09 Jan

Au Coeur de la Vie (2007)

Translated: “At the Heart of Life” Artist: Aline Honore Year: Spring 2007 (8 cws), Spring 2014 (12 cws?) Also available in mousselline 90cm in Spring 2009 Ref no: 2235 Screens: 37 Description from Suspended between heaven and earth, nestling in the tallest trees of the Equatorial forest, the flora and fauna in this scarf […]

07 Jan

Carre en Carres (2008)

Designer: previously no attribution, now Bali Barret Year: Fall 2008 Also came in 140 C/S GM (Sp 2009), C/S etole (Fall 2009) and pointu (Sp 2009) and dipdye (Sp 2014). Related posts: Hommage au Carré (2008) Carre Kantha (2008) Tout en Quilt (2008) Zodiaque (1938) A Cheval sur mon Carre (2006)

24 Mar

H Comme Hermes (2000)

Artist: Zoe Pauwels Year: 2000 Ref no: 2074 Notes from seton: supposedly this was designed in the 1980s but was not printed until much later. Very similar to the artist’s Aube (2002). Very rare and obscure so this was the only picture I could find of it. Related posts: Hermes’ Themes Year by Year Dead […]

14 Mar

L’Art Indien des plaines (2004)

Artist: Sophie Koechlin (NOT the same as Sophie de Seynes) Year: Fall 2004, Fall 2011 Translated: the art of the Plains Indians From Hermes: The Hopi and Navajo Indians adopted a geometry for their finery whose patterns soon entranced a number of other Indians of the plains. Glass beads, smooth and sparkling, sewed by the […]

16 Feb

Capitales (2008)

Designer: Sandy Queudrus Year: 2008 Ref number: 062481S Note: was only available in twilly and enamel Related posts: Beloved India (2008) Dancing Pearls (2008) Carre Kantha (2008) Aux Portes du Palais (2008) Coupons Indiens (2008)

13 Jan

A Cheval sur mon Carre (2006)

Designer : Bali BARRET Year : Fall 2006, Sp 2012 Cash Silk 140cm in 2007 and 2012 From “Is this a horse decorated with scarves, a figure in a cubist painting, or is the animal clad in a full coat of armor? In fact, the A Cheval Sur Mon Carré scarf is a composite […]