08 May

Ballet aquatique (2014)


Design by Pierre Marie

New 70cm design in Sp 2014, twilly in Sp 2014

No. 2812

The sirens of legend were women whose melodious singing bewitched mariners, drawing them down into the depths of the ocean. George Sidney’s Le Bal des sirènes (Bathing beauty, 1944) – a love story between a ravishing girl swimmer and a musician – is a far cheerier tale. The film made its star, Esther Williams, famous. Backed by a troupe of sparkling fellow athletes, their acrobatic formations and  choreographed swimming were admired by generations. Synchronised swimming – a mix of swimming, dance and gymnastics – had made its first appearance a few decades earlier, but its popularity soared thanks to Esther Williams’s musicals. This scarf is an alluring group portrait, presenting the remarkable young women whose grace and dazzling smiles bely their  extraordinary physical strength and prowess.

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