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24 Mar

H Comme Hermes (2000)

Artist: Zoe Pauwels Year: 2000 Ref no: 2074 Notes from seton: supposedly this was designed in the 1980s but was not printed until much later. Very similar to the artist’s Aube (2002). Very rare and obscure so this was the only picture I could find of it. Related posts: Hermes’ Themes Year by Year Dead […]

05 Feb

La Musique des Spheres (1996)

Artist: Zoe Pauwels Year: 1996, 2000, 2006 Also avail in 45cm Silk Twill, 90cm Mous, and 140cm Mous (Fall 2002) Screens: 18 Related posts: Les Levriers La Danse (1961) Brise de Charme (1990) La Promenade de Longchamps (1965) Au Coeur des Bois (1998)

26 Jan

Au Coeur des Bois (1998)

Translated: “In the Heart of the Woods” Related posts: Sous Le Cedre (1998) Dead Links Au Coeur de la Vie (2007) Brise de Charme (1990) Le Cameleon Peinture (1998)

05 Dec

Coiffes Normandes (1989)

Artist: Zoe Pauwels Year: Sp 1989, 1992 Subject: Costumes of Breton/Normandy region. Same subject as the Hermes carre Costumes Normandes (1950) by Hugo Grygkar. Literature: From 1989 scarfbook. Click thumbnail. From 1992 “Love Letters in Silk”. Related posts: 1789 Les Cavaliers d’Or (1975) La Reale (1953) Le Monde du Polo (1987) Plaques a Sabler (1948)