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30 Nov

Tourbillon (1968)

Translated: “Turbulence” Designer: Christiane Vauzelles Year: 1968, 1985, 1990, 1998, Fall 2004 Note: some versions have box around “HERMES-PARIS”, some don’t. Some have an one inch border, some don’t. There are picture perfect fakes of Tourbillons around so caveat emptor. From the 1985 scarfbook: Advertising from 1985: Also seen in 1998 “How to Wear” (not […]

12 Jan

Le Pave du Roy (1954)

  Artist: Christiane Vauzelles Year: 1954, 1975 Subject: the Louis XIV equestrian statue in the courtyard at Versailles by Petitot Note: the boots in the corner belonged to Louis XIV and also appear in Presentation de Chevaux Reference: seen in 1979 Monde d’Hermes As seen in 1954 catalog: Special Editions: A special polyester version with […]

09 Jan

Selles A Housse (1967)

Artist: Christiane Vauzelles It has no artist’s signature like most of Vauzelles’s designs. Year: 1967, 1980s, 2001 Subject: saddle covers Related posts: Les Jardinieres du Roy (1967) Le Pave du Roy (1954) The Evolution of Care Tags Teckels (Dachshunds) Les Cles (1965)