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10 Nov

Need to contact me?

    The best way to contact me right now is thru the eBay system.¬† Direct link here.   I just signed on to this site to make some minor editing and noticed that I didn’t get any notifications of any messages left on this site for the past month or so. Sorry that I […]

29 Oct

Dead Links

I have noticed that there are some dead links where pictures used to be. This is unfortunate since that means that somebody complained about the picture to the image hosting service that I am using. This hurts most of the readers to this site, not me, since I dont necessarily have the time to find, […]

30 Aug

Special Edition Carres at Hermes Luxembourg

A little birdy told me that three special edition carres that were only available at the Luxembourg Hermes can still be purchased. Don’t believe any eBay sellers if they say that these are sold out. They are Related posts: La Danse (1961) Hermes Ad Campaigns with Carres Perspective (1951) List of Jacquard Carres

27 Jul

A New Look

The move to my new server is now permanent. Unfortunately, my old template (which I adored) did not survive the move with me. Hence, my new colors. The look is very simple and elegant (I hope) and should be as easy to navigate as before. All of my old entries have been transferred successfully. I […]

06 Feb

What is this site for?

There seems to be a misunderstanding to some people about what this site is for. As I simply state on the right sidebar, I am posting my notes from years of studying and collecting Hermes. If friends and strangers come by and find information here that is useful, that’s great. I am glad that I […]

12 Jan

Gone Fishing

Be good while I am away. seton, the site owner Related posts: A New Look Dead Links