15 Jul

List of Jacquard Carres

  1. Amours - bees (special edition exists with a kite jacquard)
  2. Carneval de Venise - mandolin/lutes
  3. Chats (special edition only)
  4. Christophe Colomb - sailing ship (not all editions)
  5. Ciels Byzantins - peacocks 
  6. La Cle de Champs - scrollwork or fireworks or none
  7. Comedie Italienne - mandolin/lutes
  8. Les Coqs (not all)
  9. Cosmos - stars (only in 1999 edition)
  10. Credit Lyonnais, Londres 1870-1970 – bees
  11. Daimyo Princes du Soleil Levant - ginko leaves
  12. Emblemes de Europe - stars
  13. En Piste - stars (first issue only)
  14. Fauconnerie Royal Deduit - not all
  15. Fetes Venitiennes 
  16. Feux d'Artifice - fireworks - not all
  17. Grand Vents - mesh (original issue only)
  18. Hallali du Loup - mesh
  19. Herbier de Gavarnie - bees
  20. Joies d'Hiver - couples ice skating
  21. Jouvence - not all editions, fireworks 1997 collex
  22. Kenya - leopard spots 
  23. Le Geographe - kangaroos and anchors
  24. Les Insectes - not all editions
  25. Les Fetes du Roi Soleil - fireworks jacquard pattern
  26. L'Instruction du Roy - rider on a prancing horse - not all editions
  27. Louvetrie Royal
  28. Luna Park - fireworks 
  29. Mors et Gourmettes – original issue had mesh jacquard
  30. Napoleon  
  31. Neige d'Antan II
  32. Orgauphones et Autres Mecaniques--treble clef jacquard pattern
  33. Plumes et Grelots            QaF
  34. Quai aux Fleurs (original issue only?)
  35. République Française – scalloped
  36. Retour du Chasseur
  37. Romantique - not all editions
  38. Tableau de Chasse
  39. Tapisserie de Bayeaux (aka Edward Rex) – not all editions
  40. Venerie des Princes - mesh
  41. Voliere des Dames – scalloped (not all editions)

3 Responses to “List of Jacquard Carres”

  1. Mary Says:

    What a comprehensive site for all things Hermes!! Thanks for all the info. I am a collector of the jacquards and so am grateful for your list of them. I saw a couple listed that I was not aware of and also know of a few not on your list, i.e. –Mors et Gourmettes (d-Origny)chickenwire/mesh not all editions; Ceresis (LaTorre) chickenwire/mesh; Caraibes – bouquets of flowers not all editions; Entente Cordials – Bees; Louvetrie Royal (Charles Hallo) shells; and an untitled Daphne Duchesne design with five different cats in the center – sometimes referred to as Cats or Chats – the jacquard is paw prints not all editions.

    Thanks again for all your work.


  2. CW Says:

    Thanks for this list! The jacquards are so beautiful. The scalloped Voliere des Dames has long been one of my dream scarves to find one day, and now I’ll have to add Les Insectes to the list– didn’t realize that one was issued in jacquard too!

  3. Alice Says:

    A small PS to this post and a request: re the special edition of Amours on kite jacquard pattern. I have one and it is beautiful, but I cannot find any information as to when exactly was it issued and on which occassion, although everyone says it exist and it was a special edition but that’s all there is on the matter. Never seen it for sale so no info from the sellers either. Shall be very grateful if anyone can shed some light on this small mystery.

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