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04 Jan

Cheval Surprise (2004)

Artist: Dimitri Rybaltchenko Year: Spring 2004, 2008 (in cotton) Also available in 45cm Reference: 2004 scarfbook. (credit to thescarfologist) Also, 2004 Monde d’Hermes. (not shown) Advertising: Model is Lily Cole. (click thumbnails) Related posts: Noel Au 24 Faubourg (2004) L’Art Indien des plaines (2004) Cirque Molier (1983) Patchwork (2004) Tohu-Bohu (2004)

25 Dec

Noel Au 24 Faubourg (2004)

Artist: Dimitri Rybaltchenko Year: Fall 2004 Literature: from the 2004 scarfbook “It’s winter, and tomorrow is Christmas. Peace reigns over Paris, accompanying the walker, lost in his projects for presents under the whorls of silence. It snows- a soft fall of secret flakes. Life is velvet-footed, and the velvet is colored white. At Number 24, […]

16 Dec

Sous Le Cedre (1998)

Artist: Dimitri Rybaltchenko Translated: “Under the Cedar” Year: Fall 1998 (Hermes’ Year of the Tree) Literature: Fall 1998 scarfbook, also 1998 Hardcover Scarf Tying Book ” . . A witness to legendary epochs, it has provided the ecumenical wood from which temples and the great Phoenician ships were constructed. Here, bordered by Byzantine mosaics . […]