09 Jan

Au Coeur de la Vie (2007)

Translated: “At the Heart of Life”

Artist: Aline Honore

Year: Spring 2007 (8 cws), Spring 2014 (12 cws?)
Also available in mousselline 90cm in Spring 2009

Ref no: 2235

Screens: 37

Description from hermes.com:

Suspended between heaven and earth, nestling in the tallest trees of the Equatorial forest, the flora and fauna in this scarf weave in and out like the pieces of a gigantic puzzle. Together, they form a veritable canopy, a burgeoning of vegetation, swarming with extraordinary, little-known plant and animal life. The Au Coeur de la Vie scarf teems with a thousand unfamiliar details of the forest: unusual species of creeping vines, orchids, carnivorous plants, parrots, hummingbirds, small lemurs, insects, chameleons, butterflies … it reflects the infinite diversity, the incredible richness of equatorial life, the energy and imagination of nature. Difficult to reach and still largely unexplored, this milieu is the repository of a thousand vegetal treasures, green gold-mines and hidden secrets, a myriad of unknown living substances, plant cells bursting with the promise of life. It is up to us to protect this biological reservoir in order to understand its mysteries and to learn its lessons of beauty and health.

From hermes.com in 2014:


From 2007 scarfbook:


Reference: The Silk Road couer-catalog copy



Special Edition: Association Ricci (2010) in Hong Kong

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