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29 Aug

Circus (1983)

Artist: Annie Faivre Year: Sp 1983, 1988 Also as 70cm Vintage in Fall 2013 Screens: 15 Ref no: 1702 Note: there is no monkey From 1983 booklet: From 1988 How to Wear: Comparison of 1983 copyright to 1988:  Related posts: Ashanti (1997) Cirque Molier (1983) Alphabet III (1990) Kimonos et Inros (1986) Flacons (1988)

14 Feb

Alphabet III (1990)

Artist: Annie Faivre Year: 1990, Sp 1999 (as finesse), 2004 (as a twilly) Also avail as cash/silk 90cm PM Note: there is no monkey on this scarf Literature: 1990 scarf booklet (not shown) Twilly: From eBay. Enamel Bracelet Related posts: Ashanti (1997) Cosmos (1966) Kimonos et Inros (1986) La Vie au Grand Air (1990) Charreada […]

30 Jan

Ors Nomades (2009)

Designer: Annie Faivre Year: Fall 2009 From Carre Stories: Between the seventh and the third centuries B.C., the Scythians furrowed the Eurasian Steppes, from Ukraine to the Altai, passing by Kazakhstan. The carre is inspired by the artistic language which they acquired and then disseminated as they wandered. The stylized patterns refer to horses or […]

01 Jan

Ashanti (1997)

Artist: Annie Faivre Year: 1997 (Hermes’ Year of Africa), 2002 (Cash 140cm) Subject: Ashanti is the name of a tribe in Ghana Literature: Seen in 1997 Monde d’Hermes Note: Only available in Finesse 90cm, Mous 140cm, and Cash/Silk 140cm Faivre’s Monkey: Picture credit: Luxury Scarves, ATHI Related posts: Alphabet III (1990) Fantaisies Indiennes (1985) Neige […]

03 Dec

Kimonos et Inros (1986)

  Artist: Annie Faivre Year: Spring 1986, 1998 Literature: from 1986 scarfbook   140cm cashmere shawl has extra elements around the border:  Note: there is no monkey on this scarf Some colorways: Red Black Rust Dark Blue Photos: eBay, temo Related posts: Ashanti (1997) India (1986) Chasse en Inde (1986) Alphabet III (1990) Jardin Enchante […]