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08 May

Ballet aquatique (2014)

Design by Pierre Marie New 70cm design in Sp 2014, twilly in Sp 2014 No. 2812 The sirens of legend were women whose melodious singing bewitched mariners, drawing them down into the depths of the ocean. George Sidney’s Le Bal des sirènes (Bathing beauty, 1944) – a love story between a ravishing girl swimmer and […]

10 Sep

Fleurs et Papillions de Tissus (2013)

Artist: Christine Henry Year: Fall 2013 Also avail in cash/silk 140cm Ref no: 2786 From 2013 booklet: The French capital of silk since the 16th century, three centuries after Lyon inaugurated a museum dedicated to textiles. Its collections stretch from the West to the East and down the centuries: Coptic tapestries, rugs from Asia Minor, […]

17 Aug

Rocabar (2012)

Artist: Henri d’Origny Year: Fall 2012 (never offered as 90cm silk twill) Ref no: 2708 From Fall 2012 booklet:  fluid jersey   Related posts: La Femme aux Semelles de Vent (2009) Eperon d’Or (1974)

06 Feb

Un Jardin Sur Le Toit (2011)

Artist: Philippe Dumas Year: 2011 Note: This is a promotional gavroche that was given to the press for the launch of  Un Jardin Sur Le Toit fragrance in 2011. As far as I know, it was never available for sale to the general public, but who knows, it may change one day. Dumas also designed […]