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22 Nov

List of Designs issued in Cash/Silk GM

List of shawls Hermes has issued in cashmere/silk 140cm (I haven’t been diligent about keeping the list current so this list is not comprehensive . . . just extensive): Anemones Arabesque Arabia – 2002 Arbre de Soie Ashanti – 1997, 2002 L’arbre du Vent  - Fall 2015 L’Arlesienne Art des Steppes – 2000 Asiane Astres […]

26 Oct

Aline Honoré

A Google search doesn’t show really anything about this artist.   Scarfgraphy F 2004 Vie du Grand Nord Sp 2005 Vie du Fleuve Sp 2006 Jardins d’Andalousie Sp 2007 Au Coeur de la Vie F 2008 Coupons Indiens F 2009 Femme aux Semelles de Vent Sp 2010 Pelages et Camouflage F 2010 Cent Plis des Miao F […]

14 Jan

Hermes’ Themes Year by Year

Every year, Hermes picks a theme for their collection: 1986 – Year of India 1987 – Feux d’Artifice 1988 – Exoticism 1989 – Viva la France 1990 – Open Air 1991 – Asia 1992 – Year by the Sea 1993 – Horse 1994 – Sun 1995 – On the Road again 1996 – Music 1997 […]

08 May

Caty / Cathy Latham

Also known as Cathy Latham-Audibert. Her output at Hermes covers over 45 incredible years. Best known for designing Cles (one of the Top 10 best-selling Hermes scarves of all time) and her self-referential designs. Her first two designs have no signature (Cles and Vendanges). Afterwards, she signed her designs as  “.Caty.” for a decade before […]

07 Jan

Hermes Ad Campaigns with Carres

1937: Jeu des Omnibus et Dames Blanches 1940: Faiences Chinoises 1946: Les Timoniers 1949: Chevaux de Cirque 1951: Chasse a Cour (1950) 1955: Paddock 1955: Plasirs du Froid Related posts: Hermes’ Themes Year by Year Special Edition Carres at Hermes Luxembourg List of Designs issued in Cash/Silk GM List of Jacquard Carres Carre en Carres […]

22 Feb

Madison magazine article

I’ve been meaning to scan this and have finally gotten around to it.  From an Austrailian magazine, an article on Hermes in conjunction with a traveling exhibition on Hermes leather. Click on thumbnails to view in full. Enjoy! Madison, November 2010 Related posts: French Elle article (2007) La Vie au Grand Air (1990) The Royal […]