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10 Sep

Fleurs et Papillions de Tissus (2013)

Artist: Christine Henry Year: Fall 2013 Also avail in cash/silk 140cm Ref no: 2786 From 2013 booklet: The French capital of silk since the 16th century, three centuries after Lyon inaugurated a museum dedicated to textiles. Its collections stretch from the West to the East and down the centuries: Coptic tapestries, rugs from Asia Minor, […]

24 Aug

Cave Felem (1998)

Artist: Christine Henry Year: 1998 From 1998 booklet: Also in 1998 hardcover knotting book (not shown) Related posts: Sous Le Cedre (1998) Le Cameleon Peinture (1998) Au Coeur des Bois (1998) Persian Cats by Poret Brise de Charme (1990)

12 Apr

Le Cameleon Peinture (1998)

Designer: Christine Henry Year: 1998 Note: Part of the “Histoire Sur Soie” series. A series of  whimsical gavroches marketed toward mother and child. They were packed in specially designed boxes in the shape of a book with specially designed light colored ribbon to tie. The price point was about 25% more than the regular gavroches. […]

24 Jun

Aux Portes du Palais (2008)

Designer: Christine Henry Year: Fall 2008 From A deep understanding of Indian culture, art and mythology inspired the designer to create the scarf Aux Portes Du Palais. Each detail, character, animal, plant and architectural element is deliberate and richly symbolic. The large doors signify the threshold between two worlds: the known and the unknown. […]