12 Apr

Le Cameleon Peinture (1998)


Designer: Christine Henry

Year: 1998

Note: Part of the “Histoire Sur Soie” series. A series of  whimsical gavroches marketed toward mother and child. They were packed in specially designed boxes in the shape of a book with specially designed light colored ribbon to tie. The price point was about 25% more than the regular gavroches.


This came in three colorways.


Rough translation of the writing on the gavroche:

 ‘Le Cameleon Peintre’ (The Painting Chameleon) 

It tells us the story of a time when animals and plants were devoid of any color. One day, a chameleon fell asleep in the sun (having had too much lunch). When it awoke, it went to the river to drink, saw its reflection in the water and realized that it became pretty iridescent. Full of delight he went to its animal friends to show its new coloration. As the others wanted their share of color as well, the chameleon started to paint the other animals. Every animal had different ideas on color and design, some simple, some pretty complicated. When all the painting was done, the chameleon realized that it lost his own colors completely. It became very sad and cried all night, watched by the moon. The moon went to see the sun to tell her the story of the chameleon which became a victim of its generosity. The sun went to see the chameleon and by stroking it with her rays, she painted many different colors on the chameleon. This is how the chameleon came to its richness of colors and the ability to change colors whenever it wishes.


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