26 Jan

Au Coeur des Bois (1998)

Translated: “In the Heart of the Woods”

Artist: Zoe Pauwels

Year: 1998 (Year of the Tree)
Also came in 90cm Mous

Note: features the tawny owl, the great tit, and the gold-crest perching upon a heart shaped tree branch.

Some of the colorways have contrasting roule; some dont.

Reference: Spring 1998 scarfbook

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Ref. 002003 Colorways:

  • 01 Blue/Blue
  • Navy/White
  • Vanilla/White
  • Pink/White
  • White/White with Anis contrasting hem
  • Sage/Blue
  • Red/White

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  1. Stacy Jo McDermott Says:

    What a most beautiful scarf! And what a fabulous website you have – I now have it bookmarked in my Hermes folder. I am new to Hermes and am falling head over heels with them. Looking forward to reading more of your blog and learning about Hermes.

    Kind regards,

    Stacy Jo McDermott

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