27 Jan

1/27/08 Angelina Jolie in Hermes at the SAG Awards

As if Hermes isnt on an all-time high in terms of press, things have just been taken to yet another level when one half of Hollywood’s Hottest Couple — the singular beauty, Angelina Jolie — arrived at the 2008 SAG Awards apparently hiding her hotly rumored pregnancy in a voluminous, modified Hermes silk mousseline (chiffon) dress. The dress is called “vintage” on TV but it’s not that old as it’s from Spring 2005 RTW.

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt are almost always the talk of the night ever since they started showing up on the Red Carpet together two years ago. Special attention is, of course, paid to the designer of the dress that Jolie wears so congratulations to Hermes for their publicity coup. And all without lifting a finger. (Unlike a lot of farouche starlets, Jolie is known for paying for her own wardrobe and not wearing whatever freebies is sent to her.)

Below are thumbnails of the dress as it looked on the runway.

Photos: Elle.com, Rare Vintage

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