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08 Jun


Design by Françoise de La Perrière Year: early 1970s, Sp 2013 (as 70cm) No. 1531 In English, any form of horse-drawn transport is a ‘coach’. The coach seen here doubtless belonged to an important personality: heavy braid, fringed velvet, Venetian-style veils, blazons, decorative wheel-rims, and a lyre-shaped step-plate for delicately-shod feet unaccustomed to the tread […]

09 May

Jockey (1974)

Design by Philippe Ledoux Year: 1974, 1986 (Sp. Ed.), 2013 (as 70cm and twilly) No. 1592 Riding high on the racehorses of the world, the jockey’s traditional attire has been transformed and simplified since the nineteenth century. Heavy riding coats were replaced by lightweight, brightly coloured ‘silks’, boots replaced buckled slippers, and black riding hats […]

30 Jul

Les Cavaliers d’Or (1975)

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07 Jun

“Monarch” (1974)

Designer: Xavier de Poret Year: 1974, 1979? Queen Elizabeth II wearing Monarch in 1978: Related posts: Eperon d’Or (1974) Camails (1974) Amazone (1974) Profile (1974) Rhyton by Karin Swildens

09 Jan

Profile (1974)

Designer: Mml Guillemot Year: 1974, 1984 Note: also known as “Sellerie” As seen in 1975 Hermes catalogue: Caretag and copyright: Related posts: Camails (1974) Eperon d’Or (1974) Amazone (1974) “Monarch” (1974) La Cle des Champs (1965)

02 Jan

Camails (1974)

Designer: Francoise de la Perriere Year: 1974, 2002?, Fall 2012 Also as cashsilk 140cm in Fall 2012. Subject: Horse hoods done in cartoonish rendering against a plaid blanket. Very 70s. Very retro. Ref. 001595Sxx As seen in 1975 catalogue: From 2012 Carres Stories: 1974 copyright thumbnail: From Fall 2012 booklet: Colorways: 13 14 15 16 […]