30 Jul

Les Cavaliers d’Or (1975)

Artist: Vladimir Rybaltchenko

Year: 1975, plus many reissues
Spring 2000 (in 140 Mous and 140 Cash/Silk)

Screens: 10

Subject: inspired by the gold jewelry of ancient Scythia

Literature: seen in 1978/1979 Monde d’Hermes (not shown) and 1992 “Love Letters” (not shown) and Carre Stories cavaliers story2010

Comparison of scarf with Met exhibition catalog:



Caretag from 1992 edition: [deadlink]

Advertisement from 1975: ad-1975a


Laura Bush in 2007

(Dead link)


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  1. caillaud Says:

    I have this one in red and navy bleu

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