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15 May

Festival / Festival des Amazones (1992)

Design by Henri d’Origny Year: 1992, F2013 (as Festival des Amazones) No. 1797 Catherine de Medici is widely credited with the invention of a new form of saddle, allowing ladies to ride sidesaddle in comfort, galloping alongside their male companions. Shapes and styles evolved down to the twentieth century, when women riders asserted their […]

17 Aug

Rocabar (2012)

Artist: Henri d’Origny Year: Fall 2012 (never offered as 90cm silk twill) Ref no: 2708 From Fall 2012 booklet:¬† fluid jersey   Related posts: La Femme aux Semelles de Vent (2009) Eperon d’Or (1974)

19 Feb

Eperon d’Or (1974)

  Designer: Henri d’Origny Year: 1974 Also in 1986, 1990, 1997, 2003, Fall 2010 Ref. no: 1599 About 63 colorways so far. 2010 issues will be easy to recognize because of the color-blocking. From 1976 Hermes catalogue: From 1986 How to Wear: From 2010 Carre Stories:   From Jaime Mon Carre: Pic of Copyright in […]

17 Nov

24 Heures de Mans (1963)

“The 24 hours of Le Mans” Designer: Henri d’Origny Year: 1963, 1999 Untitled limited edition carre. I was told that it was to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the famous race. Part of the image are real photographs. Related posts: Astrologie (1963) Filets de Selle (1955) Eperon d’Or (1974) Special Edition Carres at Hermes Luxembourg […]

25 Dec


Artist: Henri d’Origny Year: ? Reissued: 1991 (Cash 140cm), 2000 (Cash 140cm & Mous 140cm), 2002 (Cash 140cm) Note: Original issue has copyright between the HERMES and PARIS. Click on thumbnail. Reference: Queen Elizabeth II wearing Scherazade in 1980. Click thumbnail. Related posts: Regina (1972) Brides de Gala (1957) Astrologie (1963) Pavement (1970) Crown (1969)