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16 Feb

Capitales (2008)

Designer: Sandy Queudrus Year: 2008 Ref number: 062481S Note: was only available in twilly and enamel Related posts: Beloved India (2008) Dancing Pearls (2008) Carre Kantha (2008) Aux Portes du Palais (2008) Coupons Indiens (2008)

14 Feb

Alphabet III (1990)

Artist: Annie Faivre Year: 1990, Sp 1999 (as finesse), 2004 (as a twilly) Also avail as cash/silk 90cm PM Note: there is no monkey on this scarf Literature: 1990 scarf booklet (not shown) Twilly: From eBay. Enamel Bracelet Related posts: Ashanti (1997) Cosmos (1966) Kimonos et Inros (1986) La Vie au Grand Air (1990) Charreada […]