14 Jan

Albums de Colportage (2007)

Translated: “Albums of catalogue merchandising”

Artist: Isabelle Barthel

Year: Spring 2007

Screens: 28

Ref: 002345

Description from hermes.com:

Colportage in French means catalogue merchandising. A sales tool used at a time before photography existed, such catalogues were illustrated with ink drawings sketched and colored by hand. The first Hermés albums introduced the customer to the store’s collection of equipment and accessories for the horse and the rider: bonnets, cockades, saddles, girths, boots, stirrups, bridle bits, travel bags, saddle blankets, whips, horse blankets et al. The products were drawn flat, very simply, but very accurately. Presenting objects of daily use, this was the poetic, artistic equivalent of our catalogues today. These albums were intended for Hermés stores in the French provinces and abroad in order to present its collection to customers who traveled infrequently at the time; they were intended to arouse interest in new objects and to suggest new models. Inspired by documents from the Hermés Museum, the Albums de Colportage scarf revives the beauty of these objects specifically designed for the horse and travel. The unsaddled horse is shown in the center, surrounded by indispensable riding accessories of all kinds. The stylized drawings and their color tints lend modern graphic expression to the scarf while respecting the essence of tradition.

Color: 04

Images from hermes.com

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