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French Elle article (2007)

This article is translated from the French. The carre in the woman’s hand in the photo is Washington’s Carriage by Cathy Latham. I would just die if I was in a room like that! — seton


Nothing pure silk, anything for one… Seventy years already that the square Hermès hangs on to the neck of the nicest, and that they go it without mother in girl… Bare the secrets of the mythical neckerchief!

By Sylvia Jorif.

A room with silk
Enchanting place. The carréothèque is a storage where are archived all models of neckerchief since the creation of the square. Thousands of references, where every model is recorded on big notebooks. All neckerchiefs carry a name. And in the impressive perfectly held book of magic, they can find so incongruous appellations as: «Médecin à la maison [Doctor at the home] » (1951), « Les joies de la montagne
[The joy of the mountain] » (1953), « Les merveilles de la vapeur [The marvels of the steam] » (1959) or else « Traineaux et Glissades [Sleighs and slides] » (1965). The magic of the neckerchief is born in 1937, with a first square: « Game of local trains and white Ladies » (reissued, re-mixed, re-colorized for the birthday). Since, about 1 500 neckerchiefs were drawn.


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