10 Nov

Need to contact me?



The best way to contact me right now is thru the eBay system.  Direct link here.


I just signed on to this site to make some minor editing and noticed that I didn’t get any notifications of any messages left on this site for the past month or so. Sorry that I missed them.

Anyway, I will be concentrating the next two months on eBay. Not too much Hermes related auctions, although there are some Hermes ties offered this week. Again, contact me thru eBay if you are interested in anything on the Sale Page.

As for new entries to the site, I have about 20 half written but I have been concentrating on reloading dead links and dead picture links. There has been about 70 removed links in the past year. Sorry for any inconvenience.

To the people who try to contact me about their scarf: I stated my policy here but it bears pointing out since I constantly get inquiries. Unless I am paid for my time, I do not have the resource to answer every little inquiry. Sorry.

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