02 Jan

Armeria (1966)

Artist: Philippe LeDoux

Year: 1966

“Armeria ” is the Spanish word for armory.

The quotation at the center roughly translates to:

Ipolipe has diligence
that through virtue surely puts him among
the best people of the ages.
(Such as) Thesius with his grace and resolve
Hercules who opposes the acts of tyrants
Who have in their thoughts to cut his strength in half
(Be like) Him who has in his thoughts to have half their strength.

Special editions: CROISEUR ECOLE D’APPLICATION SERIES (not shown)


  • Red/Black
  • Gold/Black (shown above)
  • Navy/Green
  • Green/Green
  • Turquoise
  • Bleu/Ciel/White
  • Med. Blue/White
  • Navy/White
  • Yellow/Yellow

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