02 Jan

Cadre Noir (1958)

Artist: General Margot

Year: 1958, 1993, 1999

Yes, I know that there are conflicting dates on the internet for this scarf. I got the dates directly from Hermes.

Notes: features the famous military riding school at Saumur in western France. It demonstrates in 13 images that a horse can understand and do anything, as long as one knows how to ask it of him. A pirouette at a gallop, the “croupade”, courbette, and “passage” are a few of the figures shown on the carre.

Check out Ecole Française d’Equitation for another carre that Margot designed about Saumur. Margot was its écuyer en chef and the author/illustrator of several books on riding.

Original issue will have white contrasting roule and no copyright.

Below: signature and caretag from 1993 issue



Reference: Fall 1993 scarfbook (not shown)


  • Emerald/White
  • Russet/White (shown above)
  • Red/White
  • Pink/White
  • Black/White
  • Navy/White
  • Medium Blue/White/Red
  • Ciel/White/Gold
  • Brown/White

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