24 Jun

Dancing Pearls (2008)

Designer: Virginie Jamin

Year: Fall 2008

From hermes.com:
For the scarf Dancing Pearls, the designer dreamed up a story of a woman who leaves India on a boat without suitcases or memories. All she takes with her is a light, sparkling necklace of Indian pearls. Swayed by the tumultuous waves, she starts spinning in circles in a sort of hypnotic dance. Her necklace twirls in time and seems to be actively participating in this unique choreography.

The movement of the pearls draws her into an intoxicating whirlwind. The necklace that offered her the most beautiful dance of her life before being engulfed by the sea. All that remains of this magical moment is a single pearl, which she wears every day; it brings her a peaceful sense of happiness. The design shows one end of this colorful pearl necklace coming undone and sending the pearls rolling, giving the scarf a surprising sensation of movement.

Ref. 002437, Colorway 6

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